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June 6, 2008
Poetry Project: St. Marks Church on the Bowery
New York, NY
Cartharsis examines the recent global warming crisis and subsequent "green" revolution by reveling in the desire, guilt, and anxiety taxing the American conscience today. In this one-hour show, the set is designed so that the audience views the show in first-person narrative as the performance moves along in dream-like sequences; a flashy rap song in a car dealership, a Kerouacian highway infinitely unfolding itself, giant hands grasping into a black void, a psychedelic black light scene with alien overpopulation, and finally, a yoga class that powers the powerbooks that they watch as they exercise. Music by Thomas McCauley and Robin Schavoir, rap-lyprics by Hype Wonder, dance choreography by Matthew Lutz-Kinoy.